Premium Security for Premium Properties

Jeff Bishop

October 28, 2015 In: Team Comments (None)

Triton’s Human Resources Team assists in successful placement of employees. Consisting of Jeff Bishop (HR Manager) and Melissa Kimmel (HR Coordinator), they maintain complete files on all personnel, ensure compliance with all state licensing requirements, administer personnel recruitment, screening, selection and standards programs, drug testing, personality testing (MMPI and PASS III), experience requirements, reference checks and education. The HRT also conducts employee background investigations, including state and local criminal history checks.

Jeff has served in multiple roles with Triton since initially joining the organization in 2001, starting as a Security Officer and rising through the ranks as Operations Manager, Director of Training and Business Development Manager before settling in his current role with the company. Jeff’s military service as a member of the US Air Force Presidential Honor Guard allows him to impart to Triton’s new recruits the importance of wearing a uniform with pride and how to present the professional appearance and bearing that Triton’s clients require.

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