Quality Assurance Program

Triton has developed a quality assurance program utilizing Assistant Operations Managers and Field QA Managers to ensure that the daily security programs of our facilities are operating successfully.

Each account is assigned to a specific member of the operations team. By assigning specific individuals the responsibility for your account, we ensure the smooth operation of your security program, and your satisfaction.  The responsibilities of these motivated middle management operations team members include, but are not limited to the following areas.

Triton commits to:

  • Visit your facility at regular intervals to inspect and evaluate the performance of each officer on duty, for transparent management and auditing purposes.
  • Personally direct the training of new officers and supervisors, as well as needed re-training, for all officers and supervisors assigned to your facilities.
  • Provide the on-site supervisor or account manager with all logistical and personnel support for the successful operation of your security program.
  • Provide support from Triton Security’s corporate office, as needed.
  • Perform thorough post inspections on a frequent unscheduled basis.
  • Conduct investigations into all reported incidents at the facility’s and report all findings directly to you, the client representative.
  • Meet regularly with customer management to discuss the ongoing program at the facility.
  • Ensure the proper scheduling of any special projects or additional coverage requested by the customer.
  • Provide instruction and support to the on-site supervisor or account manager in technical situations, which may arise outside the scope of our standard security service. While specific requirements and the type of supervision and management support may vary, all of these capabilities remain at your disposal.
  • Our Quality Assurance Managers drive GPS tracked company vehicles enabling us to document their activities.
  • We offer various on-site patrol direction and verification systems including standard mechanical tour watch systems as well as web-based electronic systems which enable reporting of both patrol activities and any incidents on a real-time basis including photographic support.