Security Assessments

Our team conducts on-site security assessments that determine how secure your facilities are. We look at your existing security program including response plans, security protocols and procedures as well as technologies. We also evaluate the officers who implement, enforce, and operate your program.

A 10-15 minute phone call, coupled with a tour of your facilities, allows us to make an initial determination of where any deficiencies may be. Our goal is to propose simple, cost-effective solutions which will increase the safety and security of your staff, tenants and visitors.

A full security assessment is available on three levels. First is the no-cost introductory walk-through assessment. This is a free cursory review of your facility. Second, a more complete review of your site including interviews with key personnel. Finally, a complete site security survey assessment which goes into detail regarding the physical and process requirements necessary to ensure the safety of your personnel and your property.

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