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The Triton Academy

Triton’s Academy is our own in-house Officer training and certification facility. Located at our corporate headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, all of our training for our Officers, Site Supervisors and Account Managers takes place at the Academy. Our Academy is a Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) licensed facility.

All of our Officers (whether they will be assigned to DC, Maryland or Virginia) all complete 18 hours of training, and must pass the Virginia state licensing exam and the basic Triton Security Services exam to be hired by Triton. We require a higher score on the DCJS exam than the state requires. Not all candidates who pass the exam are offered employment. The superior caliber of Officers that Triton is known for is a direct result of the quality of the training, and the selective standards, that are passed down through the Academy.

All training at Triton, from introductory Officer training to more specialized programs such as Active Shooter or Suspicious Package Protocol, is conducted by our full-time, in-house trainer. The Director of or Academy is Wes Brown. Wes is a US Army Veteran as well as a former law enforcement officer. Wes has worked as a private security trainer since 2004. His experiences include being Director of Training for Barton Protective Services and Admiral Security. He has been a member of the Triton Security team since 2011.

Triton Academy