Premium Security for Premium Properties

Our Story

Triton Security was founded in 1996 based on two goals: To provide the highest quality professional security services in the DC Metro area, at competitive prices. Our first  employees were Veterans,  Airmen who had served aboard Air Force One, and Marines who had served aboard HMX (Marine)-1, the President’s helicopter squadron. As the company grew and expanded over the years, we retained the ideals. We built the company upon a dedicated cadre of former and reserve military members. As the company grew many of those veterans along with a host of other talented and dedicated employees advanced into management.

Triton’s success has been built upon strong basic values: hard work, dedication to duty, superior appearance, positive attitude and outstanding performance. For over 20 years, these values and principles have served the company well as we provided a safer and more secure environment for hundreds of clients in the DC-metro area.